What's New In Oasis? December Edition

After taking some time to recover from the Pornhub Awards, Oasis is shifting focus to ensure people can get the most enjoyment out of the game while it’s under development. Here are some of the current and upcoming changes - you can check out the latest patch notes for a list of what’s already been added!

Booty Booty Booty!

All in-game transactions are paid for with Booty! Booty is Oasis’s in-game currency and can be collected by spending time online, completing quests, finding booty stashes around the world, or by purchasing it with Rays (which can be bought with a credit card or Bitcoin).


VIP Membership is a One Time Purchase!

This means you pay only one $20 payment which unlocks all VIP features. You never have to worry about missing subscription renewals or losing your VIP perks. This offer will not be around forever, but for now, as we work to add features and improvements, we want you to be free to explore, create, and make friends.


Changes to VIP Features

With some of the new developments, we’ve updated what VIP membership unlocks. Here’s what will be exclusive to VIPs:

  • Outfit saving: Save outfits so you can quickly change looks for any occasion

  • More characters: You can create up to 4 characters on your account

  • More apartments: Now you can own two, three, even more properties

  • Bonus decorating add-ons: Add more to your properties, like adult scripts, weather, and startpoints

  • Expanded inventory: Collect all the things! Your inventory will hold MORE STUFF!

  • Adult experiences: Access adult-only areas and interactions

  • Restricted areas: Visit VIP-only areas and events throughout Oasis

  • Private Chat: Send private messages. Keep your secrets secret

  • Friendship wizardry: Teleport directly to friends

  • Special nametag & chat colour: Look at you, so shnazzy

  • Creation tools (coming soon!): Explore your creative potential and share your creations with the community


Looking to the future

Alongside these changes, we’ll be improving characters as much as we have resources for and preparing to open up the world to creators, builders, and decorators! Once we’re comfortable with what we’ve got, we can move on to quests, creator reward systems, and other fun stuff!

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